Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sometimes, you just luck out

One of these special moments occurred for me yesterday. After 2 days of being sick and watching Regis and Kelly (oh God, kill me now), I was finally in some shape to return to work. Once there I looked at the window. And to my surprise, SDOT was installing a new flashing crosswalk light at 5th Ave S & S King St

What is neat about this whole event is the fact that, for most of us, these things just happen. You don’t know when they happened; they just simply appeared, like gnomes. Anyways, so now some facts…

SDOT installs yellow flashing lights at a number of crosswalk locations. The one seen here is one of the older versions. It’s kind of a retro-looking device that appears to be made out of someone’s garage (side note: You would be surprised by the number of things traffic engineers make in their garages/basements/etc that end up on roadways). It is likely that this device came from one of the recently removed crosswalk locations and is being reused at this location. The housing itself holds a small incandescent light which provides additional lighting to the crosswalk. A small photocell is on top of the housing turns on the light. The amber flashing light is on 24-hrs a day providing a constant warning to drivers. Overall, this is a very simple device.


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